ground·swell /ˈɡroun(d)ˌswel/ noun a buildup of opinion or feeling in a large section of the population.

We launched Groundswell Health earlier this year because we saw a fundamental, and fatal, mistake being made. Whether by hospitals, health systems, ACOs, ASCs or companies selling a health care product or service, leaders are failing to build consumable messaging and deploy it strategically across teams and channels and with frequency and clarity.

In many ways, they are acting like toddlers….demanding that their idea, product, concept, policy or service be accepted JUST BECAUSE THEY SAID SO.

Anyone who has dealt with toddlers knows that this approach, while energetic, typically fails to yield any kind of productive result.

Marketing, sales or advocacy, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to influence people to do something. And to get people to do something, you have to tell them why, and it has to be their idea. That’s a major challenge in health care because the industry is complex, the politics are challenging, and very few people understand the intricacies of health care financing, regulation and policy.

But we do.

We apply that knowledge to our work with clients to build their own groundswell to achieve their goals.

We focus on three areas:

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