Andy Davidson is a standout among the hospital association executives we’ve met over the years. Now retired, Andy is working with non-profit organizations on board structures and tying governance activities to mission and vision.

In a recent episode of the Connected Hospital, a podcast where we usually talk about technology and health care, we used Andy’s perspective on the hospital industry to explore a number of topics and how COVID-19 would impact health care. More interesting, however, is the timing of this episode. Recorded in week 2 of most state stay-at-home orders, hospitals had just begun shutting down elective procedures and bracing for what seemed to be a looming influx of patients.

In this discussion, we explored not only what would be forthcoming in the immediate months of April and May, but more importantly, what would be in store in the coming 6-12 months as hospitals braced for a major decline in reimbursements, uncertainty around supplemental payment programs, staffing issues, and taking on the fixed costs that come with running a major health care system.

We were also joined by Stephanie Limb, Groundswell Health co-founder and senior partner, whose experience in public policy and communications strategy took the discussion in a great direction.

More about the discussion:

Former CEO of the Oregon Health and Hospital Association Andy Davidson talks about the outlook and potential issues facing hospitals as the impact of the country’s shutdown looms large on industry financials. Looking ahead at one-year and beyond, we discuss how hospitals have yet to fully feel the sting of the shutdown with reimbursement from services rendered still flowing from months prior to COVID-19 closing in on the country. We discuss what impact you can expect as well as how solving the staffing issues doesn’t get addressed through agencies. Andy is a thought-provoking leader with proven success working with non-profit boards as well, delivering governance models that tie mission to operations.

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