I began working with Access Physicians in 2017 in search of a telemedicine partner for the state of Texas, but I wasn’t 100% sure how we were going to provide value to hospitals as many of the existing brand names at the time were busy being all things to all potential customers.

That’s not where I wanted to be partnered.

We wanted to serve in hospitals, providing better care for their patients and communities based on the market knowledge and insight their leaders recognized. I also knew I wanted a different approach to telemedicine, stopping short of an endorsement of a technology platform. In a first meeting with their chief medical officer, Saurin Patel, M.D., we quickly found an alignment on the idea that telemedicine technology was a commodity and no longer a differentiator in an industry flushed with barriers to telemedicine services.

We quickly realized Access Physicians saw tech the way we did where service to a hospital is different than service to a consumer.

Eventually, Access Physicians became a client for Groundswell Health, and we have since been working together as they saw rapid increases in business, audience, and investment. Late in 2019, they took on a massive $9.5 million investment, which buoyed operations and helped build a foundation just in time for COVID-19 and a rapid deployment of their services.

Their leadership in telemedicine, though, is colored by their approach to provide world class care as physicians, giving staff and patients a better experience in care delivery, and establishing their value proposition through their technology.

Their leadership in antibiotic stewardship is one example of how they stand out as leaders, and talked with Eduardo Vadia, M.D., their co-founder and chief talent officer, on how their program helps hospitals — especially small and rural market facilities — fulfill compliance requirements.

See more at accessphysicians.com.

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