Mobile Smith started making waves for hospitals and health care back when marketing directors around the country were still getting push-back from internal leaders on going mobile. Convinced that patients weren’t completely adopting the mobile solution in their health care consumption habits, mobile was at first slow to move in healthcare.

However, those marketing leaders with a mind for early adoption as first movers either forged ahead incrementally or built tools that abbreviated the full totality of what mobile solutions can deliver for patients. Today, mobile and health care is a different story … thanks to services offered by companies like Mobile Smith.

Take a listen as we talk to Bruce Kennedy, vice president of provider development for Mobile Smith.


immediately dismissed. The thought at the time was that vulnerable and elderly populations weren’t mobile-savvy.

As baby boomers hang on every Facebook political post and grandbaby selfie, we know that’s no longer the case. And hospitals are moving forward to ensure their mobile game is relevant.

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Our guest is Bruce Kennedy, Mobile Smith VP of provider development.

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