For a decade, the EMR has been the metaphorical thorn in the side of everyone who works in the hospital from IT leaders to other c-suite leaders.

And of course, you can’t ignore the impact on physicians and other staff interacting with the the EMR system. What Illumicare has done to bring value from that inputted data might eventually be realized as a unique system that makes this period of EMR investment worth all the trouble. Their team figured out how to scrape impactful data from the EMR interface, placing key patient information in front of the provider at the point of care.

The result is a constant building up of a top-of-mind awareness on this crucial patient data. For example, their system has the ability to examine a prescription drug order and compare the price to brand alternatives. Similarly, without having to dig into the EMR, physicians can see firsthand how much radiation exposure a patient has had from imaging before ordering additional imaging procedures.

Their approach ultimately reaches into the EMR to help physicians further operationalize patient safety improvement initiatives that go beyond other important steps like hand-washing and fall reduction protocols.

We examine some of the key statistics their team has gathered over the course of the COVID-19 crisis, examining trends in length of stay as well as prescription drugs used at the beginning of the crisis compared to recent days.

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