This week, the Florida Hospital Association took a big step forward with a hefty financial investment to encourage patients to prioritize important health care decisions.

As we all know, state hospital associations — especially large ones like FHA — have plenty of concerns and issues to balance with their various hospital members. Rural. Large public systems. Publicly traded institutions. They’re all there. So, it can be difficult to get behind something everyone can agree on. It’s often the role of a larger state hospital association to mediate among disparate members’ needs, goals, and priorities.

But sometimes, it’s an easy call. And the association role can be to facilitate consensus and drive collaboration and shared purpose.

Public health data reveal a concerning trend in patient behavior — avoiding health care. Since April, the trends have been concerning as the public worries about the safety associated with health care. Over the summer, elective procedures slowly resumed, but incidents of cancer and heart attacks could grow worse if patients don’t maintain regular visits with their doctors.

As a result, FHA stepped up messaging to highlight the importance of maintaining regular health screenings and routine health check-ups.

This week, FHA’s campaign, “Your Health Matters” brings more awareness to audiences on this critical public health message through print and digital channels. Media purchases are also going out statewide in targeted designated market areas through cable TV and radio. Those targeted messages are intentionally driven to health care decision-makers and community leaders.

Ads drive traffic to the updated public health advocacy website,, to help patients get accurate information on health and safety to make better care decisions.

It’s part of the work we do at Groundswell Health to help hospitals and other organizations maintain their role as the best consumer advocate in an age when reliable and accurate information is incredibly important as a public health issue.

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