It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes our biggest problems have the simplest solutions. And sometimes our smallest investments, when done correctly, can have the biggest impact.

Patient outmigration is a huge challenge for rural hospitals, and it happens for several reasons.

  • Larger health systems are reaching into your markets to reach employed and insured patients.
  • Patients assume larger facilities offer physician and ancillary services with a broader range of expertise that your hospital can’t.
  • Family or friends in a larger city influence their health care decisions.

Our tactics counter those forces and reach your community directly. We deploy precise, targeted digital marketing to make reaching them cost-effective.

With traditional marketing — think print advertisements, billboards, radio spots — you can have the right message, but won’t reach the right audience every time due to the lack of ability to narrowly target your audience and track your results. While traditional marketing will always have a time, place, and purpose, it can  be costly. That’s where digital marketing comes in.

Digital marketing helps get the right message to the right audience. Instead of spending your marketing budget on collateral or assets that reach a large, disparate audience, only some of which are your intended audience, digital marketing lets you hand-select that audience through everything from zip codes, age, and gender to interests, habits, keywords and more. The result: smaller spend but bigger impact.

Not only can you have the most specified targeting with digital marketing,  you also have real-time tracking and optimization. We can see what is working and not working, and optimize content for better results.  And we can measure the return on investment to ensure goals are being met.

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