Authenticx built a platform to get to the heart of why patients are reaching out to customer service call centers, and brings to the surface real-time trends across all customer interactions. After just two months using the platform, a national hospital system surfaced the need for agent empathy training, identified the agents who needed it, and in turn, increased empathy scores by an average of 5 points.

  • See how they gain a comprehensive view of performance.
  • Authenticx uses existing telephony platforms and know how each contact center is performing.
  • Reduces unnecessary calls to determine what to fix.
  • Helps organizations learn why people are reaching out, obtaining real-time results.
  • Increases insights for organizations.
  • Uses conversational data to hear every customer’s voice and surface critical insights.

Authenticx founder Amy Brown, was the COO of a global medical insurance company and knew that her operations team had an opportunity to be a transformational insights center for their organization. Today, Authenticx brings together every customer’s voice so you can access ongoing quality and customer experience insights.

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