As vaccine rates drop across the state, Rural Health Clinics have a unique opportunity to upend entrenched health care skeptics and restore vaccine confidence.

Vaccination rates for kindergarten- and 7th grade-age children have declined 3% to 5% over the last couple of years, according to the state’s public health agency. For one, the MMR vaccine, uptake has dropped to only 88 percent of children.

So it’s perfect timing for rural health clinics to take advantage of a unique opportunity to develop high-quality information through trusted sources and build the reputation of local health care voices. To maximize this opportunity, the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH) is working with state and federal officials to distribute community engagement and education grants to increase vaccination rates. Program info here >>

Tactics can have a net-negative effect, however, if not executed well. Studies show vaccine-hesitant populations are particularly distrusting, and messages that reflect government influence or  oversight tend to push people away from otherwise trustworthy and influential health care voices.

Messaging frequency is not a strategy

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More details from TORCH:

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