From patient testimonials and customer successes to product demonstrations and policy explainers, we create informative and compelling videos to showcase your unique value propositions and drive engagement.

Patient Volume Marketing

Patient Volume Marketing

Reputation Management Success

A rural hospital saved Galen Chandler’s life after a rattlesnake bite. We created a fully realized video campaign around this patient success story that enhanced our client’s reputation for excellence and expertise in the community.

Patient Success Story

When one of our rural hospital clients wanted to promote their comprehensive labor and delivery services, our team interviewed a local family who shared their birth experience to demonstrate our client’s impact for their family.

Client Value Proposition

Our team developed a campaign centered around client testimonials to drive home the message that our client supports families to help them connect and do more together.

Community Investment Spotlight

When our client made a significant investment in the community with a new wellness center, we educated their community about the expansion and advanced their brand reputation and mission.

Patient Testimonial

Client Facility Spotlight

New Program Promotion

Public Affairs & Advocacy

Public Affairs & Advocacy

Policy-Focused Communication

With nurse workforce needs a priority for Texas hospitals, we worked with our clients’ members to distill complex messaging into compelling video content.

Legislative Messaging

A coalition of physicians across Texas requested a full marketing operation to help stop legislation that would devastate access to care for injured patients. We developed identity, multi-channel communication strategy, and specialized messaging.

Legislative Priority Messaging

Tackling legislative issues is as much about advocating with lawmakers as it is communicating goals to your community. We helped our client create compelling video content to drive awareness and meet policy objectives.

Client Program Spotlight

By highlighting our client’s thought leaders, we created engaging video content that communicated Teaching Hospitals of Texas’ nursing program goals, challenges, and successes.

Marketing Solutions for Businesses

Marketing Solutions for Businesses

Brand Development

For complex health care fields, engaging videos that communicate your company’s mission and vision in compelling ways helps increase brand recognition and differentiate your business from competitors.

Client Value Proposition

We help clients speak to their audiences through video content that concisely communicates both your value propositions and what makes you uniquely suited to meet your audience’s business needs.

Physician Spotlight

Brand Messaging

Client Case Study