Expanding Hospital Influence

2024 recognitions mark growth and impact for Groundswell Health clients.

When it comes to awards in marketing and advertising, making a mark means your work must have evidence of outcomes, tactical considerations, and purpose. It’s a given that it looks good.

With or without recognition, we tend to our own priorities. First and foremost, we assess whether our promotional and marketing messages convey a client’s value proposition to a target audience. We assume we will work toward a compelling visual. We toil, however, over whether we gave the target customer a reason to engage our clients.

In 2023, with significant client growth, internal demand to restore confidence in the healthcare industry, and new members on our team, Groundswell Health proved its movement into a new stage.

Recognized Campaigns

Going Beyond Traditional Rural Care

Telemedicine category – Access TeleCare

A rural Texas hospital was struggling to provide specialty care for their patients due to a lack of local specialty care presence and an overworked team of physicians covering patients in the hospital and the nearby clinic.

Groundswell Health’s team developed a campaign consisting of two videos, four blogs, a case study, and social/ad content featuring hospital staff and leadership and showcasing the client’s impact on the local care environment.

Galen Chandler’s Story

Integrated marketing campaign – Deaf Smith County Hospital District

Located in the heart of the Texas panhandle, approximately 40 miles southwest of Amarillo, Hereford is a thriving agriculture community known widely as the beef capital of the world for its vast cattle feeding operations and ranching. With other booming industries such as oil and gas and meat-packing operations, accidents happen and require a strong trauma program to ensure their team can maintain a well-trained, well-equipped emergency response. In a routine strategic planning session, HRMC leaders mentioned a patient’s close call with a rattlesnake, and the Groundswell Health team knew it would be a message that would resonate, especially as legislators considered crucial rural healthcare funding and other rural hospitals struggle to invest and maintain profitability.

Meeting the Community’s Care Needs

Integrated marketing campaign / Telemedicine category – Access TeleCare

Telemedicine’s explosive growth during the COVID-19 pandemic brought attention to the opportunity pioneered by Access TeleCare leaders, but it also resulted in additional complexity to clarify the difference in specialty telemedicine serving health systems and outpatient clinics. Groundswell Health set out to highlight how access to specialists in a rural Arkansas community resulted in a huge opportunity for their citizens. For Piggott Health System, a 25-bed, critical access hospital in rural Arkansas, telemedicine helped transform their hospital from a waystation into a reliable community care center. Groundswell Health’s team traveled to Piggott, where the client had implemented multiple telemedicine service lines, to film a series of videos featuring local physicians, advanced practice providers, and hospital leadership.

Understanding Medicare Advantage

Total public relations campaign – Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals

The troubling Medicare Advantage issues continue to resonate as rural hospitals and their patients struggle with bureaucracy, reimbursements, and consumers confusion over benefits and value. Groundswell Health developed a substantial campaign for the Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals for use by its member hospitals, focused on education around Medicare Advantage plans and their effect on individuals and hospitals. The campaign encompassed messages for consumer audiences, hospital audiences, and resources and materials intended for hospital leadership to use when interacting and communicating with local, state, and federal officials, as well as social media and op-ed templates for member hospitals to format as their own.

Marketing Folder

Collateral, special promotion – Clinical Pathology Associates

With new growth and expansion goals, Clinical Pathology Associates, based in Austin, Texas, tasked Groundswell Health with maturing its marketing operations as it developed a strong sales apparatus. Along with an integrated marketing campaign (recognized with a Bronze Healthcare Advertising Award), Groundswell Health developed a folder for its business development team to use during meetings with potential clients and when traveling. The folder features a pocket where flyers or other relevant materials can be stored, and the design features the client’s core values, a message from leadership, and QR codes to high-level landing pages and pillar content across its website.

Marketing Booklet

Collateral, special promotion – Clinical Pathology Associates

To accompany the integrated marketing campaign (recognized with a Bronze Healthcare Advertising Award), Groundswell Health developed a multi-page booklet for its business development team to use during trade shows, conferences, and events. The 8-page booklet outlines the client’s core values and competencies, and features messages from the leadership team and QR codes to high-level landing pages on its website. The booklet is 5.5” x 8.5” and printed on high-quality, gloss stock paper.

Never Think About Pathology Again

Integrated marketing campaign – Clinical Pathology Associates

Clinical Pathology Associates has lofty goals to transition to new markets, expand its lab business, and reach new health systems and clinics as a dedicated pathology team. Groundswell Health’s execution of a variety of campaigns targets audiences from health system buying groups (CEOs, COOs, CMOs, and CFOs) to specialty practices including dermatologists and OBGYNs. Our use of digital and traditional media centers around an ability to dig deep into their complex practice to identify value propositions that speak to their audiences and resonate despite complex sales cycles and high switching costs.

More of what we do!

Public Affairs & Grassroots Campaigns

Drive understanding among multiple audiences.

Changing the legislative and policy landscape and influencing decision makers requires broad engagement of multiple voices. Many industry stakeholders from board members to employees lack a true understanding of how policies shape their daily lives and require messaging that speaks to the legislative complexities surrounding your industry.

Patient Volume Services

From branding to web design to social media, we offer a full range of marketing and communications services to build a solid messaging foundation.

  • Brand Management

  • Campaign Management

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Copywriting

  • Creative Ad Design

  • Email Marketing

  • Measuring and Reporting

  • Message Development

  • Patient Success Stories

  • Print Materials

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social Media

  • Video

  • Website & UI Design

Enhance Government Relations Effectiveness

High-quality messaging that motivates.

Often, motivated leaders return from association and trade group policy briefings with intentions to take action on core policy priorities only to be discouraged by internal government relations and lobbying teams. Advocacy and policy change requires high-quality messages created by a team that understands the political landscape and how to cut through the noise to reach decision-makers.


“The Groundswell Health team understands health care, politics, and communications strategy. They combine this knowledge into effective advocacy communications to target different audiences with convincing messaging. I would recommend Groundswell Health to any organization that wants to build a more effective advocacy operation and support their government relations team with strong, capable communications tactics.”

Michelle Apodaca, J.D., principal, Texas Star Alliance

“We ultimately got to Groundswell because of their backgrounds whether it was around content, journalism, lobbying, and what was important to the industry … that was important to us. More importantly, by working with Groundswell, they’re able to target customers in a way that we weren’t able to before or that others knew how to so our spend is much more efficient. Because Groundswell understands our customers and our market, the dollars that we do spend are much more targeted, and we’re seeing a high return on those dollars.”

David Mikula, MBA, COO, Access TeleCare

They’ve been a fantastic partner … The team at Groundswell did an incredible job at getting to understand who we were — the identity and the mission of our organization — but also what was the value we created for the clients we worked with and really bridging the gap between what we identified ourselves as to what resonates with the client.

Chris Gallagher, M.D., CEO, Access TeleCare

“Too often, the marketing department is used as the group to put together promotional items like branded pens and hats. What we needed was a marketing partner who understands the business of health care and strategy. And I feel like that’s what we got with Groundswell — a team that understands health care strategy to become a strategic partner with our hospital.”

Jeff Barnhart, FACHE, CEO, Hereford Regional Medical Center