2408, 2021

Time to Confront the Limits of Health Care

This country doesn’t like conversations about death. We created the term ‘death panels’ to avoid a much-needed national conversation about what our public health care programs should pay for. And, we would rather ration care

107, 2021

New Site Launched for Rural Hospital

Before we started Groundswell Health, hospitals leaders around the country would ask us what marketing company would be a good fit if they started developing an approach for marketing and advertising with a strategic

1306, 2021

Stepping up for Rural Hospitals

In rural health care, consumer economics and shifting demographics are fundamental challenges that the most forward-thinking hospital leaders are strategically attacking head-on. That's why Jeff Barnhart, FACHE, CEO of Hereford Regional Medical Center, began

512, 2020

Helping Rural Hospitals Serve Their Communities

We have several rural hospital clients who have trusted us with helping them better serve their communities through effective marketing and communications strategies. Even before COVID-19, these hospitals were vital institutions in their communities...often the

312, 2020

Stepping up for hospitals in Florida

This week, the Florida Hospital Association took a big step forward with a hefty financial investment to encourage patients to prioritize important health care decisions. As we all know, state hospital associations -- especially large