Clarify Complex Issues

We work with associations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations to clearly articulate advocacy objectives and to provide clear, actionable messaging to achieve those objectives.


With Groundswell Health as a partner, organizations amplify the voices of their government relations and leadership teams.  We provide multi-channel messaging and content with strategic understanding of legislative and regulatory issues.

Bringing a background of experience in health care policy and advocacy communications, we rapidly seize on complex issues and initiatives to create tactful messaging that speaks with clarity and ease to core constituencies and other target audiences.


We help you develop messages that speak directly to lawmakers and their staff. Quickly engage stakeholders and influencers to place your legislative priorities at the forefront.

Through our experience and industry knowledge, we build campaigns that target the right audiences in the right places to make sure your organization’s voice is heard.


We create compelling, results-oriented content that combines a deep understanding of the health care industry’s complexity, trends and politics with the ability to synthesize and simplify your message.

We distill complex components into understandable and actionable messages, rooting them in a cadence that is repetitive about the right things at the right time, convincing when trending points are topical in the public mindset, and targeted to different audiences.

Public Affairs Services

From brand management to media relations to traditional advertising, we
offer a full range of advocacy communications services
to build a groundswell of influence.

  • Brand Management

  • Campaign Strategy

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Grassroots Engagement

  • Issues Management

  • Media Relations

  • Message Development

  • Policy Messaging

  • Press Releases

  • Print Materials

  • Public Relations

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Media

  • Traditional Advertising

Public Affairs & Grassroots Campaigns

Drive understanding among multiple audiences.

Changing the legislative and policy landscape and influencing decision makers requires broad engagement of multiple voices. Many industry stakeholders from board members to employees lack a true understanding of how policies shape their daily lives and require messaging that speaks to the legislative complexities surrounding your industry.

Enhance Government Relations Effectiveness

High-quality messaging that motivates.

Often, motivated leaders return from association and trade group policy briefings with intentions to take action on core policy priorities only to be discouraged by internal government relations and lobbying teams. Advocacy and policy change requires high-quality messages created by a team that understands the political landscape and how to cut through the noise to reach decision-makers.


“The Groundswell Health team understands health care, politics, and communications strategy. They combine this knowledge into effective advocacy communications to target different audiences with convincing messaging. I would recommend Groundswell Health to any organization that wants to build a more effective advocacy operation and support their government relations team with strong, capable communications tactics.”

Michelle Apodaca, J.D., principal, Texas Star Alliance

“We ultimately got to Groundswell because of their backgrounds whether it was around content, journalism, lobbying, and what was important to the industry … that was important to us. More importantly, by working with Groundswell, they’re able to target customers in a way that we weren’t able to before or that others knew how to so our spend is much more efficient. Because Groundswell understands our customers and our market, the dollars that we do spend are much more targeted, and we’re seeing a high return on those dollars.”

David Mikula, MBA, COO, Access TeleCare

They’ve been a fantastic partner … The team at Groundswell did an incredible job at getting to understand who we were — the identity and the mission of our organization — but also what was the value we created for the clients we worked with and really bridging the gap between what we identified ourselves as to what resonates with the client.

Chris Gallagher, M.D., CEO, Access TeleCare

“Too often, the marketing department is used as the group to put together promotional items like branded pens and hats. What we needed was a marketing partner who understands the business of health care and strategy. And I feel like that’s what we got with Groundswell — a team that understands health care strategy to become a strategic partner with our hospital.”

Jeff Barnhart, FACHE, CEO, Hereford Regional Medical Center