More than communications. More than marketing.

We have seen how easily broader internal teams become frustrated with communications operations. Too often, this frustration is derived from having brought the communications team into a particular project or initiative way too late. Many organizations — particularly in health care — see its communications and marketing arm as an adjunct. The result inevitably¬† leads to delays and slowed rollouts as the communications team gets moving.¬†

To fix this frustration, however, poor leaders attempt to address the symptom rather than the illness. Instead of realizing the product development or initiative team failed to integrate the communications team at the frontend of the project, the communications manager is often looked at for failing to develop a function project management system to oversee communications operations. The failure ripples through organizations, many of which pride themselves in developing satisfied employees who are tied to the company’s mission.¬†

Groundswell Health developed its system to make up for these hiccups. Through our unique system, developed over years of experience in devising systems to integrate with broader departments in large and small companies, we deliver coordinated and functioning programs that focus on outcomes beyond brand. We focus on outcomes that advance the business in the form of revenue and profits.