“It takes 1,000 voices to tell a single story.” — Native American proverb

Groundswell believes storytelling is the core of effective communications. From advocacy to marketing to public relations, audience engagement is critical and storytelling is the key. We work with your teams on building narrative for speeches, presentations, op-eds, online content and more.

Groundswell helps you amplify your story so that it gets heard by who needs to hear it. Groundswell provides media engagement and digital strategies so that your story…your message is heard loudly and clearly.

Your story matters.

Can it be told in a compelling way?
For the right target audience? Can it be quickly adjusted to ensure its relevance?

That’s what we do. Using our unique model, we quickly distill complex health care information and make it compelling to your target audiences, customizing each direct message by segment.

Engage stakeholders and influencers with the right message.

At the right place. At the right time.
In health care today, problems, challenges, and risks are huge. The market is saturated with proposed solutions. But are they the right solutions? We help distill messages down to influencers and stakeholder audiences.

We’re Here To Help Your Business

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation