Our Work – Workflow And Project Management

Health care marketing and communications departments serve many masters within large organizations largely neglecting to right-size a scaled communications team. The result is often over-worked messaging teams with many dropped projects littering their organization. We serve as a management and leadership tool for organizations looking for ways to tighten their operations management.

Communications and marketing teams are largely driven by the demand for their creative services, allowing form to follow function. Our process systematizes the creative workflow, driving on-time projects and results that deliver through the sales process to generate revenue.

The resulting program drives more efficient operations and, ultimately, more engaged teams.

Message Development Process

Our team produces high-quality content but only after a thorough strategic planning process that includes your organization’s leadership, including communications, sales and marketing leaders.

Project Overview

Accepting requests for deliverables must accompany other analysis such as:
  • Assessing perceived goals
  • Examining and pressure-testing messaging points for convincing opportunities
  • Exploring value propositions
  • Identifying audiences and “buying groups”

Divison of Labour

Identify workflow inputs and production cadence needs. Internal customers have little insight into communications and marketing operations. Our process provides internal teams that insight, providing a look into the labor and intellectual capital required to bring a seemingly simple request to life.


Assign workflow around collaboration, production, revisions and deadlines. Health care projects require specialists with unique and valuable insight. By operationally assigning collaborative discussion with analysis for value proposition, audience, successful messages, and other factors, our process helps to pressure-test established assumptions by internal customers and cull a unique end result.

Set Deadlines

Production requires significant collaboration. We set procedures and goals for teams so that clear deadlines are established for every aspect of the workflow, including:
  • Messaging foundation approvals
  • Draft deadlines for copy
  • Draft deadlines for design
  • Edit deadlines
  • Final draft deadlines

Dashboarding to Report Performance Among Stakeholderss

By providing team members and stakeholders a clear path toward accomplishing goals while also highlighting metrics along the way, we calibrate performance and articulate the accomplishments of our team’s work together. We also able to deliver by establishing:

  1. Concise and clear expectations.
  2. Insight on how to prioritize approaches to achieving the internal team’s goals.
  3. Workflows that empower the team to calibrate on their own.

By providing standardized and regular key performance indicators, we measure  performance while also ensuring teams have the necessary tools to meet and exceed expectations.

KPIs for Social Media and Digital Engagement

We strive to constantly grow a social and digital media audience.

We establish a system for constant monitoring of effectiveness for your social media channels, including an assessment for follower growth and engagement. Our goal is to perform in social media in a way that is not arbitrary but instead tracks actual engagement by target audiences through an analysis of the overall Engagement Rate. We calculate this rate by summing up all engagements such as clicks, “likes,” comments, or shares. That sum is then divided by the total audience reached.

Sample KPI Dashboard