Access Physicians utilized our team’s experience developing narrative stories to inform hospital decision-makers through valuable propositions for investment in telemedicine solutions, By telling the story of one hospitals experience, we articulate the opportunity to serve small communities and improve care for patients.

Columbus Community Hospital is the trusted health care provider in a small community northwest of Houston, Texas.

Serving patients in a rural setting is never easy, but the team at Columbus Community Hospital used Groundswell Health to decrease outmigration and highlight the investment the team is making to add convenience and ensure quality closer to home.

A coalition of physicians across Texas requested Groundswell Health’s services for a full marketing operation to help stop legislation that would critically devastate some select specialty practices. As part of the initiative. we developed identity, multi-channel communication strategy, and specialized messaging.

Hereford Regional Medical Center realized its investment in the community needed to be highlighted, and they reached out to Groundswell Health to help develop new relationships with regional media and establish top of mind awareness in the community to decrease patient outmigration.

Our Hospital – Team Campaign

Our team’s experience includes years of dynamic work through partnerships with universities and their partnering teaching hospitals. In 2009, our leadership took the lead on conceptualization, production, and implementation of the UMC Team campaign as part of its introduction to Lubbock as a major competitive brand beyond its rook as the local general hospital.

Our team’s experience includes campaigns specifically designed to engage the public on major public affairs initiative impacting health care in Texas. As the vision and leadership behind the Texas Way campaign, we researched and polled messaging, designed and conceptualized video, print, earned media and social messaging to deliver a unique re-branding of Medicaid Expansion in Texas.