It takes industry experience and knowledge to be a shoulder-to-shoulder strategic partner with hospital leaders. Groundswell Health designed its operations to go beyond the role of a traditional marketing firm with leaders whose experience includes public policy issues and business affairs.

Established through decades of industry experience and data-driven processes, Groundswell Health drives real results by pushing past generalities found in creative work from traditional marketing and social media agencies. By understanding the complexities our clients navigate daily, we spend less time learning the health care environment and more time getting ahead of trends to develop strategic messaging campaigns for patient volume growth.

By focusing on core value propositions and what they mean to a target audience, we clearly articulate a value to customers in meaningful and compelling ways. Our industry knowledge consistently informs how we use data to effectively target your audiences where they are with content that resonates with them.

Clarifying complex health care issues for customers is no easy task, but with Groundswell Health as a strategic partner, organizations can trust that their patient volume marketing efforts are guided by people with the industry experience to overcome any messaging challenges.

Learn more about our process and start building your groundswell today.

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