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See how our team conducts market analyses to design marketing plans that boost patient volume for your hospital.

Rural hospitals have the opportunity to expand their digital presence to attract more patients in their respective communities. This strategy is a more cost-effective solution to traditional advertising to patients who have little knowledge of the capabilities and services available to them through their local community hospital.

Other Approaches

In health care, we often engage the “marketing” team for a promotions or branding product. Too often, the conversation drifts into areas focused more on a creative endeavor. Rather than focusing on your hospital’s core value propositions and converting those into messages that appeal to potential patients, planning and development falls apart around discussions of color schemes, photos, and channels.

Too often, the health care industry speaks in its own vernacular. The routine of health care and your team’s far reach often makes it feel like your entire community is flooded with awareness of your capabilities and services. More often, however, they aren’t aware that the services they needed are close by.

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Not all hospitals have the same goals. We work with teams using existing market data while also analyzing other resources to identify opportunities to eliminate outmigration, grow target patient volume, and manage brands locally.

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Telling your hospital story | Speaking to your community

Hereford Regional Medical Center – Digital Display

Hereford Regional Medical Center utilized Groundswell Health to build a re-branding and marketing initiative to build patient volume and a new relationship with the community that highlighted its investment to improve care in the community.

Our variety of hospitals – Digital Display and Social

Our clients rely on us to conduct detailed market analysis using data tools and technology to identify patterns in outmigration. Together, we build compelling content that advises the community on opportunities for health care services they might not otherwise know exist closer to home.