Strengthening Your Influence

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Get a jump on your public policy agenda and begin building your groundswell today.

Building a groundswell of support … starts with trust and influence.

When experience in communications isn’t enough, Groundswell Health adds value through a tested system for growing influence among stakeholders from internal teams, trustees, and elected officials to produce the outcomes that make a difference.

Our Leadership and Experience

We developed Groundswell Health to improve the functions around advocacy practices and deliver better results through enhanced engagement with stakeholders including community and legislative leaders.

Learn more about Groundswell’s leadership.

Shaping influence. Start with a system: More than just a plan.

Audacity and Organization.

Two critical components in bringing new attention and influence to your issues.

The Power of Cadence.

When being right doesn’t win, and good arguments finds no purchase, it’s time to reconsider your approach to frequency and engagement.

Tough times don’t last when teams take action together.

01. Kickstarting your system by prioritizing objectives

Too many issues combined with the industry’s complexity can be a dysfunctional combination that leads to paralysis. Organize your message. Lead stakeholders with a cadence of messages designed to enhance reputation and restore confidence.

02. Establishing value propositions

Separating key features from core value propositions gives your team insight and understanding for your most critical message priorities.

03. Luring your opposition

Message cadence should do more than establish frequency. It should also contort your opposition and sow confusion in their approach to your issues.

Confidence in your tactics resonates with your team

Do more with Groundswell Health and bring influence and attention to your issues where it matters most for your stakeholders.

Our System At a Glance

Here’s a quick summary of how our system cuts through the noise to deliver influence and an increase in support for your iniaitives, issues, and goals.

Process Step #1

Set Objectives and Goals

Align your team and stakeholders around achievable goals and objectives. Include specific measures and metrics, including key performance indicators outlining successful indicators for influence.

Process Step #2

Set and Segment

Everyone knows their audience. But how do you calibrate and customize for each target segment? The Agile Communications Process accounts for quick and easy segmentation for ease and maximum penetration.

Process Step #3

Message Development

Our Agile Communications Process utilizes a simple formula we call your ABCs. Like episodic TV shows, we use A stories to catch attention. B stories are thematic and establish top-of-mind awareness through repetition and stickiness. C stories are similar and include strongs calls-to-action.

Process Step #4


Manage your message across multiple channels with a constant rhythm designed to resonate with target audiences.

  • Engage stakeholders
  • Influence leaders
  • Inspire early adopters
  • Confusse and disrupt detractors

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